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PAR: Performance Analysis Report


Driving Profit in Distribution produced by Al Bates, President Profit Planning Group.

The PAR provides a financial profile of the bearings distribution industry, as well as specific reports on individual companies' financial performances.

  • Evaluate your company's fiscal and operational performance
  • Benchmark your company with other bearing distributors

“B&D Industrial (Bearings & Drives) has used the PAR report as long as we have been part of BSA. When my Dad first started introducing me to the financial side of our business he showed me how we compared to the financial industry norms by introducing me the PAR report.

This report has helped guide our business for over 40 years. Every year we are anxious to find out how we “stack up” and identify those areas where we need improvement. I do not understand why some BSA members don’t contribute to this report. Participation is easy and a great tool for analyzing your financial performance.”

- Andy Nations, President, Bearings & Drives

"The data supplied on PPG's PAR report is an invaluable tool for our company to measure ourselves against our peers and target areas for fiscal improvement. BSA members who do not take advantage should investigate further - PPG has been a trustworthy and reliable partner for over 10 years and it's one of the finest and perhaps underappreciated benefits BSA has to offer. "

- Brian Negri, Vice President, Jamaica Bearings Company

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Product Price Information Format

Product Price Information Format

One way to more efficient updates

The PPIF format was designed to increase the efficiency of vendor/purchaser information exchanges by providing common categorization of data.

Version 2.4 includes a change to the previously approved Green Designation revision to the Product Price Information Format (PPIF). The change makes it clear that the Green Designation is a self certification; that it is the manufacturer’s responsibility, not that of a 3rd party, to designate that a product is green. PPIF version 2.4 was released on January 1, 2013 with an effective date of March 31, 2013.

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BSA Training and Networking Opportunities

BSA Training and Networking Opportunities

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