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BSA's Certified Bearing
Specialist Program


Knowledge is Power

BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist (CBS) program is the only bearing industry-specific program that identifies and quantifies the specific skill sets to certify an industry professional as a bearing specialist.


For individuals, certification delivers professional recognition for your knowledge and technical competence.

For employers, certification promotes your company's industry expertise and can differentiate your company from the competition.

For manufacturers, certification offers your employees a broader range of bearing knowledge, giving them the competitive edge in "bearing know-how".

Certified Bearing Specialists include sales engineers, service engineers, applications engineers, field service technicians, bearing technical support specialists, outside and inside sales representatives, and account managers.



  • Raises professionalism
  • Increases employee pride
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Promotes focus on product features and benefits
  • Reduces customer's overall cost
  • Establishes the association as an important standard-setting body for professional competence in the bearing field


Companies with Certified Bearing Specialists

AMI Bearings, Inc.
Applied Industrial Technologies

BDI Canada, Inc.

Bearing Headquarters Company

Bearing Service, Inc.

Bearings & Drives, Inc.

Bearings Specialty Company
Binkelman Corporation

Dixie Aerospace LLC
DXP Enterprises Inc.

Kaman Industrial Technologies

Miller Bearings, Inc.

Motion Industries (Canada) Inc.

Motion Industries, Inc.
Oiles America Corp.
Pacific International Bearings
QM Bearings & Power Transmission
Short Supplies
Shuster Corporation
The Timken Corporation
Wajax Industrial Components
Werner Electric Supply


What BSA Members Say About Certification

"Bearings & Drives employee’s have really engaged the CBS program with both Inside and Outside Sales people.  We now have over two thirds of our outside sales force that are certified.  It has become more of a competitive atmosphere in the branches to be certified which I think is great.  Our customers, and quite frankly some of yours, have commented on a distinct difference they see in the quality of the people that we have and the commitment that we have as a company when it comes to training our people. This program has created a motivational excitement to the point that we have added this to our in house training / incentive program.  This means that if an employee completes our training and takes the next step to attain the prestige of being a CBS, they can give themselves an automatic raise.  We feel this certification reflects on our company, our people, our industry and our commitment to have the best people in the business servicing all of our customers and I hope you all feel the same about that."

Howard Gainey
Bearings & Drives, Inc.

"We have made a real commitment to encourage all of our staff at BDI to pursue BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist designation. Our customers appreciate the confidence certification brings to their business, and, I believe, our employees are genuinely proud of their accomplishment when they become certified. Our goal is to certify all BDI Canada sales personnel."
Cameron Lawrence
BDI Canada, Inc.


"In a large company like Motion Industries with hundreds of branch locations, BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist program establishes an important training benchmark. Certification assures our many customers that all of those Motion Industries employees have the training and education to meet their needs. We also believe that the opportunity to pursue certification is an important benefit to offer Motion employees."
Bill Stevens
Motion Industries, Inc.


"BSA's Certified Bearing Specialist program has become a valuable asset to Bearings & Drives. The self-study nature of the program encourages our employees to pursue certification as their schedule permits. The credibility certification lends our company and its representatives is especially welcomed by our international business partners."
Andy Nations
Bearings & Drives, Inc.


Skill Sets

Developed by professional bearing experts with the assistance of Southern Illinois University (SIU), the CBS examination tests the necessary skill sets to certify an individual's reliability in meeting customers' growing demands, and those required to successfully perform the role of Bearing Specialist.


Convenient Testing

Testing for Bearing Specialist Certification is conducted in the U.S. & Canada by the National College of Testing Association (NCTA) at their test centers. Review the locations at and indicate the site on the CBS application form. CBS applicants are responsible for the test center fee.

BSA also has testing arrangements with a number of colleges and universities in each Canadian province and will make arrangements with additional facilities as needed.

The CBS exam has 75 questions and candidates have up to 3 hours to complete it.


Study Guide

CBS candidates receive the Study Guide and sample tests. The Study Guide prepares applicants for the certification exam by leading them, step-by-step, through tasks, outcomes and review questions on a representative sample of the technical information addressed by the certification exam itself.

Four pretests help applicants determine when they are ready to take the final test. Applicants take one pretest before they begin the program to measure their strengths and weaknesses. They take a second pretest after completing the study guide to see what they have learned from their study. The third and fourth pretests serve as a means of review before taking the final certification test.

BSA also publishes a "Certification Update" newsletter that is available only to Certified Bearing Specialists and includes important new technical information.


BSA's CBS Program is Setting an Important Industry Standard

* Today, over 282 Certified Bearing Specialists have been successfully tested and more are scheduled to take the exam. We look forward to many more based on the growing number of requests for In-House Training Guide materials, the pre-requisite for BSA's CBS program.

* We know certification provides the value-added benefit of industry expertise and problem solving in an increasingly competitive marketplace because our members and their customers tell us.

* More and more companies are making the commitment to certify sales, service and applications engineers, field service technicians, technical support specialists, inside & outside sales representatives, and account managers.

* To maintain the highest integrity for the program, each Certified Bearing Specialist is required to renew their certification every five years. The recertification process involves submitting a problem and solution or a story about how the applicant has added value through being a CBS.

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